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Archive for April 2020

Spondylolisthesis vs. Spondylolysis

Both conditions mentioned commonly cause low back pain in younger athletes. Spondylolysis is a stress fracture occurring in one of the vertebrae.  This condition, as stated above, usually affects adolescents and even children who are involved in sports which exert pressure on the lumbar (lower spine).  For example, weightlifting, football and gymnastics. While the two…

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Eliminate Your Leg Pain with Sciatica Surgery

Sciatic pain can be a recurring problem, bringing with it a loss of mobility.  It can be debilitating. But you can eliminate your leg pain with sciatica surgery.  Let’s read a little more about sciatica and find out when surgery can be helpful. The sciatic nerve The largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve…

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What to Expect from Revision Spine Surgery

There is nothing a patient who’s undergone spine surgery wants to hear less than “you need a revision”.  After having gone through the original surgery, they’re told that something has gone wrong.   When this happens, you’ve had “failed back surgery” and may require a revision. The failure can be attributed to many factors but often,…

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Pinched Nerve in the Neck? Get Help Today!

A pain in the neck can sometimes mean a pinched nerve.  But how the heck does that happen and why?  Let’s look at the condition and get some answers, then get you some help! Cervical Radiculopathy A pinched nerve in the neck is referred to in medical terms as “cervical radiculopathy”.  When a nerve is…

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Why do I Need Spine Surgery Again?

You’ve had your spine surgery. But you’re still in pain.  You had anticipated that surgery with great hope and now that it’s done, you’re disappointed and following a consultation with your spinal surgeon, you’re looking at yet another surgery.  Or maybe you’re reading this, looking for answers about the persistent post-surgical pain you’re in. If…

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Don’t let Spring Yard Work Become a Pain in the Back

Ah, Spring!  It’s time to get out there and start digging in the dirt, right? But before you do, we’d like you to take a moment to read this post, outlining some ways to protect your back while you’re out there digging. Don’t let spring yard work become a pain in the back.  Instead, follow…

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