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Archive for January 2018

When to Take Action for Your Pinched Nerve  

Anybody who has ever been diagnosed with a pinched nerve knows how painful the condition can be. A pinched nerve describes any situation in which a nerve is being compressed. This can be caused by a number of different things, ranging from a repetitive stress injury, staying in a single position for too long, or…

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Why Is Artificial Disc Replacement the Best Option?

There are many different back and neck problems, and a variety of treatments for each. Though conservative treatments are always the first approach, there are some situations for which surgery is clearly indicated. This is especially true when the discs between the spinal vertebrae have actually degenerated as a result of injury, age, or genetics.…

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How a Hostile Home Can Worsen Lower Back Pain

Anybody who has ever gone through a tough time knows how important it is to have the love and support of your friends and family. But a new report out of Rush University in Chicago is making it clear that a lack of support can do very real harm – and that is particularly the…

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