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Archive for November 2017

Bad Habits that Contribute to Back Pain

When back pain strikes, all you want to do is find a magical, immediate way of making it go away – and hope that it never comes back again. Unfortunately, wishing doesn’t make it so – and not doing anything to fix the problem makes it all the more likely that your pain will stick…

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The Importance of Weight Control Before Spine Surgery

When you’re dealing with back pain severe enough to require surgery, the last thing you want to hear is that you need to lose weight. But the truth is that in order to make sure that you are in the best possible condition to optimize the outcome of your operation, you want to be in…

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Can I Exercise After Spine Surgery?

Patients who are contemplating back surgery ask a lot of questions. Though many of them are about the surgery itself (and what they should do to prepare themselves), there are even more questions about what the operation will mean for their future. How soon can I go back to work? Will my pain go away?…

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How Arthritis Can Affect the Spine and How It Is Treated

Back pain can take many forms and can have many causes, but one of the most frustrating is arthritis. When people think of arthritis they tend to think of pain in the fingers or knees, but it is just as likely to impact the joints, muscles and bones in the back, and especially the lower…

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