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Archive for September 2018

What to Expect After Your Back Surgery

No matter how much your back pain has impacted your quality of life and no matter how badly you want to have it fixed, there’s a good chance that you’re hesitant about having back surgery. The whole idea of surgery can be intimidating, and that’s especially true when you’re talking about surgery on your spine.…

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Know Your Options In the Face of Back Pain

Have you ever gone to make an appointment with your physician, then thought better of it because you felt that there was nothing that could be done? Though it may be cold comfort to hear that you’re not alone in suffering from back or neck pain, it may help to hear that of all the…

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Helpful Hints for Managing Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, and that comes as no surprise to anybody who has ever experienced sciatica. The burning, shooting, tingling pain of sciatica is impossible to describe, and equally impossible to forget once it has happened to you. Some people only experience sciatica briefly, while they’re pregnant, but…

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