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Archive for May 2018

The Benefits of Exercising Your Back

If you have been suffering from chronic pain in your back, it is essential that you make an appointment with a spine specialist who can diagnose your problem and put you on the road to recovery. But if your back pain is only an intermittent thing that resolves itself quickly, there’s a good chance that…

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The 5 Habits That Are Causing Your Neck Pain

Neck pain can be excruciating. In many cases it is caused by very real physical damage in your cervical spine, including herniated discs or degeneration or narrowing of the spinal column caused by osteoarthritis. But in some cases, neck pain is a matter of putting too much strain on the muscles that support your head,…

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Recovery Tips Following Microdiscectomy

When a patient is suffering from a herniated disc that does not respond to conservative treatment, we frequently turn to microdiscectomy. A herniated disc puts pressure on the nerves, and this can cause sciatica pain, weakness in the legs, numbness and relentless pain, and the microdiscectomy procedure removes herniated tissue, providing almost instant relief. The…

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Herniated Disc Pain Goes Beyond the Actual Damage

A herniated disc is a common, painful condition that occurs when one of the rubbery cushions between the vertebrae of the spine is damaged, forcing some of the disc’s jelly-like interior to push outside of its tough exterior and come into contact with nearby nerves. This can happen in either the lower back (lumbar spine)…

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