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Q. Will insurance cover my procedure?

A. Central Texas Spine Institute accepts most insurance plans. Often times, a referral to see a specialist is required from your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Please obtain that referral and authorization number prior to your visit to our office.To verify current participation in your health insurance plan, please view our Insurance Page, or call our office to verify coverage prior to your appointment.

Q. Are there any alternatives to surgery? 

A. Dr. Dryer recommends numerous alternatives to surgery, depending on your case. Alternatives may include, but are not limited to: epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, medications, or chiropractic care.

Q. Does Dr. Dryer do laser surgery?

A. No. Dr. Dryer performed several laser discectomies in the mid 1990’s and was not pleased with the results. Major insurance carriers, including BCBS, & Aetna, consider laser spine surgery to be unproven technology and do not pay for this procedure. Most carriers currently consider laser spine surgery to be experimental and investigational.

We recommend that you Learn More about Laser Surgery, by clicking here.

Q. How long will I be off work? 

A. It varies depending upon the type of surgery and the physical demands of your job. Time off from work could be just one week or as long as six weeks.

Q. How long will I need someone to stay home with me after surgery? 

A. Depending on your type of surgery, we advise having someone available at home to help you for four-to-five days after surgery.

Q. Will I need physical therapy after surgery?

A. Not necessarily. Walking is the main form of physical therapy that we recommend.

Q. Will I need to go to rehab after surgery? 

A. This will depend on the procedure, and also if you have a family member or someone in the home who can assist you.

Q. Will I need home health care?

A. Dr. Dryer will advise you if he recommends home health care, depending on your case.

Q. How long will I be in the hospital?

A. This depends on your procedure. Some are same-day, while other may require one-to-three days in the hospital.

Q. Should I used heat or ice on affected area?

A. Ice is used, usually to reduce inflammation and nerve pain.

Q. When can I play golf, tennis, or workout?

A. Resuming normal activity as soon as possible is our goal. It depends on your procedures. For example: after a fusion it could be 6 weeks to three months.

Q. When can I drive?

A. Unless Dr. Dryer advises otherwise, you should be able to drive after your first post-op appointment, which is scheduled 10-14 days after surgery.

Q. When can I travel? 

A. Usually, travel by car is possible after two weeks; travel by plane, two weeks; travel by cruise, 6 weeks.