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Archive for April 2018

Innovative New Imaging System Expected to Enhance Future Back Surgeries

Though it is several years from being available, a new imaging technology created by researchers at Dartmouth College is already being hailed as a medical breakthrough that will make back surgery even safer and less costly. The system is a 3-dimensional real-time optical tracking system that will be able to guide surgeons as they operate…

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Global Study of Back Pain Encourages People to Get Up and Move

If you’re one of the millions of people across the globe who experience occasional or chronic back pain, you’ll be very interested in a new study published in the esteemed journal Lancet. The report expressed concern that many people around the world aren’t getting proper treatment for back pain. And what does the co-author conclude…

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Back Stretches That Ease Pain

Maybe you spent the weekend doing yardwork, or you’re stiff and uncomfortable following a long week spent hunched over your computer. Whether it’s that or any of a thousand other possibilities, you’re now suffering from lower back pain that’s making your life miserable. Back pain has almost become an adult rite of passage, but it…

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Travel Season Is Coming Up – Protect Your Back!

After a long winter, it’s nice to look forward to spring and summer and to start planning for vacations. What do you have in mind? A daytrip to a local amusement park? A bucket list trip across the Atlantic, or to a tropical getaway? Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, you want to enjoy…

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Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

People who have never experienced back pain – or whose exposure to it has been limited to a random ache or pull – have no idea how lucky they are. Once you’ve experienced real lower back pain it’s a sensation you’ll never forget … you may even feel tempted to call and apologize to others…

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Yoga as An Answer to Lower Back Pain

In case you think of yoga as nothing but an exercise or lifestyle trend with impressive staying power, it’s time to think again. Though the practice was only introduced to the western world in the last century or so, yoga has existed since the 5th or 6th century, and has long been highly regarded for…

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Text Neck Is Real, and It’s Reaching Epidemic Proportions

Do you do a double-take when you see somebody using a flip phone? If so, you’re not alone (and they are). Recently published statistics from Pew Research indicate that 77% of all Americans have smart phones, with the only group on the short side of 50% being those over the age of 65. There’s been…

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Active? Here’s How to Deal With Neck Pain

There are lots of different ways to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. For some people it means a daily trip to the gym or run around the neighborhood, while for others it’s a leisurely hike in the woods. Whether you’re into extreme sports, skiing or cycling, or walking the dog around the local high school’s…

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