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What to Expect from Revision Spine Surgery

There is nothing a patient who’s undergone spine surgery wants to hear less than “you need a revision”. 

After having gone through the original surgery, they’re told that something has gone wrong.   When this happens, you’ve had “failed back surgery” and may require a revision.

The failure can be attributed to many factors but often, it’s misdiagnosis which has caused the problem.

Let’s talk about what to expect from revision spine surgery.

Other contributing factors

While the problem is often misdiagnosed, leading to the underlying problem not being addressed, other factors may contribute.

These include issues with scar tissue accumulation, surgical errors and complications (including infection) and the overall state of the patient’s health.

If you’re facing revision spine surgery, know that you’re among 40% of patients who’ve had interventions on their spines.

What to expect?

We’re sure those of you reading aren’t looking forward to the prospect of another surgery.  You’ve already been through one and may have come through the prescribed recovery period.  You’ve been looking forward to returning to full function. 

You’re probably wondering if another surgery might not make matters even worse.

But buck up!  Studies have clearly shown that revision spine surgery is not more likely to go wrong than the initial intervention.  And, with the original surgery, the procedure used is ruled out. 

The most decisive factors in successful revisions are correctly diagnosing your condition and a competent surgeon.


While you’re not happy about the prospect of a second intervention, you need to know that it comes with several benefits you should consider.

Resolving the pain you’re experiencing is a benefit we’re sure you’re interested in.  And with today’s MISS (minimally invasive spine surgery), it’s likely that you’ll be in recovery for a much shorter period and in the hospital for much less time.

A solid diagnosis from a recognized back surgery specialist will set you on the road to recovery.  You’re not done, yet!  You just need a jump start and that’s what revision spine surgery gives you.

At Central Texas Spine Institute, we specialize in all conditions of the spine, under the leadership of our director, Dr. Randall F. Dryer.

Dr. Dryer has been named one of the Top 100 Surgeons in the USA by Becker’s Spine.  In addition, he’s a respected innovator in the field of stem cell therapies and has been published numerous times in prestigious research journals.

Revision spine surgery at CTSI

Located in Austin, Texas, CTSI is one of the leading spine centers in the USA.

Here, we treat all conditions of the spine, deploying a wide range of modalities, from conservative through surgical.

If you’re facing a revision to your original surgery, you’ll find the best possible care with CTSI.  Under Dr. Dryer’s guidance, we offer a patient-centered facility, with access to key diagnostics and the most up-to-the-minute knowledge and practice anywhere.

From spine cell therapy to MISS, to rehabilitation and physical therapy, CTSI works with the patient to discern the most viable way toward healing.

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