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Summer 2017 Activities That May Worsen Back Pain

It’s summer time – that time of year when we naturally want to spend as much time outside as possible. If you’ve been suffering from chronic back pain, then you know that there are some activities that you’re fine to do – and others that you should just stay away from. Before you head out to the beach, the lake, on a trip or just to your local park, take a look at this list of summer activities that are best for you to avoid:

  • Road trips

It seems as if every trip starts with a long car ride, but for you that can lead to agony. Sitting for a long period of time can put real stress on your back, so if you have a road trip scheduled, you need to be smart about it. Make sure that your posture is good and that you’re sitting up straight, with your back pressed firmly against the seat. There are inflatable lumbar pillows available that can provide you with customized support. Also, make sure that you take plenty of breaks so that you can walk around and stretch.

  • Golf

You may love your time on the links, but the various movements and positions required when you play golf can cause you some serious pain. Of particular concern is the tension that’s created when you try to keep your lower body still while coiling with your upper body.

  • Tennis

Tennis involves a tremendous amount of twisting and reaching, and both of these motions can leave you in pain. Better to choose a sport that involves fewer of these types of movements.

  • Amusement Park Rides

Whether you’re heading to a local festival or to one of the big brand megaparks, you need to stop and think before you board the thrilling rides. The more jerking back and forth that a ride involves, the more stress and shock you’re asking your spine to endure. You can end up making a bad situation much, much worse. Stick with the tamer entertainment options, and make sure that you stop and rest from time to time after standing in long lines or walking long distances.

  • Gardening

There’s nothing quite like getting out into the garden and turning a patch of dirt into a riot of color. Unfortunately, gardening involves a lot of lifting, bending and digging, all of which can leave you in agony hours later. Make sure that you’re not lifting anything too heavy. Use a wheelbarrow or garden cart to move dirt and flowers around the yard, and take frequent breaks from bending so that you can be sure you’re not staying in an uncomfortable, tension-provoking position for too long.

  • Water Sports

Waterskiing, tubing and jet skiing may be some of summer’s most enjoyable pastimes, but for those who have back pain they are a recipe for disaster. Just the bouncing around can do severe damage, and a wipeout can leave you with a herniated disk. Best to stay in the boat.

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