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Is Your Mattress Worsening Your Back or Neck Pain?

If you’ve been experiencing spine pain in the back or neck, how much consideration have you given to the state of your mattress?

Do you even know how long you’ve been sleeping on it?  If you don’t (because you’ve been sleeping on it for so long you can’t remember when you first purchased it), then it’s time to ask the question:  Is your mattress worsening your back or neck pain?

Let’s explore the question.

Saying Goodbye

The short answer to the presenting question is that if you’re waking up in the morning with back and neck pain, then probably “yes”.  An old mattress isn’t doing your back and neck any favors.  But neither is a mattress that doesn’t work for you, personally.

Once upon a time, a very firm mattress was recommended for those with spine pain problems.  That’s no longer the case.  Now, the medium-firm option is the one most recommended by medical professionals.

In fact, when you go to your doctor complaining of pain in either the back or neck, one of the first questions you’ll most likely be asked is how old your mattress is.

So, think back.  Have you had that mattress for more than a decade?  Then it’s time to say goodbye and plan a visit to the mattress shop.

New Frontiers In Mattresses

We spend fully 1/3rd of our lives sleeping (ideally).  And a good night’s sleep (as recommended by doctors) demands that we’re sleeping on a mattress which supports the spine.

The industry has responded to public sleep needs by forging new frontiers in mattresses.  Foam, latex and the advanced adaptation of the air mattress are all offerings to those of us who struggle with back and neck pain.

Memory foam is an example of this trend.  While conforming to the shape of your body as you sleep, memory foam also offers the support required.  The advantage of this type of mattress is its resilient quality.  When you move to another position as you sleep, the memory foam material reverts to its previous shape, as the portion you’re sleeping on conforms to your body.

But don’t despair if you can’t afford an entire mattress made of this amazing material.  A bed topper achieves the same results, giving back and neck pain sufferers the good night’s sleep they need.

The sleep number mattress (employing air), allows you to personalize your sleep setting.  This is another stellar option.

And Your Pillow

Your pillow matters as much as your mattress.  Your head should be in a neutral position as you sleep.  You should also be sleeping with your head facing the same direction as the rest of your body.  A cervical pillow is the most supportive and practical in the market.

If you’re worried about the cost, remember that you spend 1/3rd of your life in bed and that the quality of your sleep can determine your health in any number of areas.

At Central Texas Spine Institute, we’re committed to restoring patients to full function and quality of life.