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Life After Spine Surgery: Do People Really Return to Work?

Over the years, health care providers have been developing treatments that help relieve neck and back problems. A lot of people opt for surgeries to enjoy its long-term effects. If you are considering spine surgery for your condition, this article will show you a glimpse of how life will be after the procedure.

How it Feels

It might take you days or even weeks to be fully recovered from a spine surgery. Most of the time, you will feel numb from the remnants of the anesthesia. You may also experience slight pain or weakness around the treated region.

Some surgeries such as fusion surgery and laminectomy can take up to a few months to heal. Regardless of the surgery type, you should feel better as the weeks pass.

How Long it Lasts

Most spine surgeries are created to have permanent effects, but there are also less invasive surgeries, like Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS), that can provide you relief for at least two years. Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) remains effective for two to ten years before needing replacement through another appointment of minimally invasive surgery with your doctor.

Post-Surgery Aftercare

A successful surgery will only go to waste without proper aftercare. Here are a few tips from experts and satisfied patients to help you reach recovery faster:
Take pain medications as soon as you start to feel discomfort.

  1. Rest your body to avoid overfatigue.
  2. Use devices like canes or walkers.
  3. Accept assistance from your friends and family.
  4. Sign up for physical therapy.

Pain and numbness after surgery is only normal for the first few weeks. If it becomes unbearable, you must contact your doctor immediately.

Activities and Precautions

Movement and exercise are important to help you recuperate quickly. However, there are a few exercises you should steer clear of. 

Important Physical Activities

Experts encourage most patients to undergo physical therapy after the surgery. Your recovery plan created by the doctor will cater to your needs and preferences. Performing your usual activities will help you settle back to your old routine little by little.

If you have a specific physical activity you want to try, you can consult your doctor about it.

Activities to Try

Your spine surgery should not stop you from doing some of the exercises you once liked. If you enjoyed the following sports before, you could still perform them even after the surgery:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Swimming

Activities to Avoid

To prevent further damage after your spine surgery, you should avoid sports that will require you to exert extra physical effort such as:

  • Gymnastics
  • Long-distance running
  • Football

It’s normal for patients to wonder when their life will get back to normal after spine surgery. This is why doctors at Central Texas Spine Institute are trying their best to ensure that patients can recover quickly. Led by one of the top surgeons in the country, our staff are trained to give you the care you deserve.

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