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Relieve Sacroiliac Joint Pain With Steroid Injections

An inflamed sacroiliac joint can lead to chronic pain and reduced mobility. Fortunately, the Central Texas Spine Institute in Austin has a solution. Steroid injections can be used to treat this debilitating, arthritic condition. If you suffer from sacroiliac joint pain, Dr. Randall F. Dryer and his team of orthopedic doctors has the experience you’re looking for. A brief overview of the procedure follows below.

The sacroiliac joint refers to the place where the lower spine connects with the hip bone. Trauma, advanced age, and regular wear and tear can cause the joint to become swollen and inflamed. To treat this condition, your orthopedic doctor can deliver a combination of steroids and anesthetics to the site of the inflammation. A local anesthetic is first applied to numb the skin and tissue all the way down to the sacroiliac. A needle is then inserted through a small incision in the lower back and guided to the correct site using an imaging device known as a fluoroscope. Once it is in place, the ailing sacroiliac joint is bathed in a solution of steroids and anesthetics delivered by syringe through the needle. The anesthetic provides immediate pain relief, while the steroids help to reduce long term sacroiliac joint pain.

Depending on the patient, multiple treatments may be needed over an extended period of time. Your orthopedic doctor will be able to evaluate your specific case and determine the best course of action. Don’t live with sacroiliac joint pain any longer than you already have; contact the Central Texas Spine Institute today!