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Conservative Care and Spine Treatment

Proper spine care is essential for healthy living and good posture. Conservative care for your spine is a form of treatment that does not involve medication or surgery. Instead, it relies on lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and other non-invasive techniques to alleviate pain and improve spinal health. Here at Central Texas Spine Institute in Austin, our team of spine specialists and orthopedic surgeon aims to ensure you have the best spine treatment for your condition, symptoms, and needs. We begin with a consultation where we will take a deep-dive into your background and medical history and then develop a spine treatment plan personalized to you. Learn more about conservative care for spinal treatments below, and contact us today!

What Is Conservative Care for Spinal Treatments?

Conservative care can include a variety of treatments including physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, medications, and injections. Physical therapy is often used to help strengthen the spine and improve its range of motion. This can help reduce pain and increase mobility. Lifestyle modifications such as improved posture, increased activity levels, and weight loss can also help reduce the symptoms associated with spine-related conditions. Medications such as pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce the pain associated with the condition. Injections, such as corticosteroids and nerve blocks, can help reduce pain and inflammation.

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Benefits of Conservative Care for the Spine

One of the main benefits of choosing conservative care for spine treatment at our Austin spine clinic is that it can be used to treat a range of spine issues and can be tailored to the individual’s needs. It can also be used in combination with other treatments such as surgery or spinal injections. This can provide the patient with a comprehensive treatment plan that can improve their overall health and wellbeing.


Another benefit of choosing conservative care for spine treatment is that it is generally less expensive than invasive treatments such as surgery. This is especially beneficial for those who may not have the financial resources to pay for a more expensive treatment option.

Offers Long-Term Pain Relief

Conservative treatment for the spine can provide long-term relief from pain and improve function. Surgery may provide immediate relief from pain, but it can also cause complications and leave the patient with permanent scarring. Conservative care can provide relief from pain without the risks associated with surgery and can even help prevent further damage to the spine. The spine specialists at Central Texas Spine Institute are here to help. Schedule your consultation to get started today.

A Gentle Approach to Spine Care

Finally, conservative care for spine treatment can help reduce the risk of complications from surgery. Surgery can involve risks such as infection, nerve damage, and bleeding. Conservative care can help reduce these risks by providing a more gentle approach to treatment.

Ways to Practice Conservative Care For Your Spine

One of the best ways to practice conservative care for your spine is to maintain good posture. Poor posture can lead to a variety of problems, including pain, decreased mobility, and even injury. Good posture involves keeping your head and neck in a straight line, your shoulders down and back, your back straight, and your pelvis neutral. It also involves strengthening the muscles that support your spine, as weak muscles can cause strain and instability.

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Conservative care for your spine can take time. It’s important to be patient and persistent in your efforts, as it may take several weeks or months before you begin to notice any real improvement. Here at our spine center in Austin, we ensure that your individual needs are met by diagnosing and prescribing the best possible spine care treatment for you. Call today.