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Motion Preservation in Orthopedic Surgery

Modern advances in orthopedic surgery have improved the lives of people all over the world. Here in Austin, the Central Texas Spine Institute has made a tradition of cultivating a learning environment in which new technologies are researched, evaluated, and adopted for the benefit of our patients. Orthopedic specialist Dr. Randall Dryer has led the way in the field of motion preservation, allowing the recipients of his treatment to lead high-quality, active lives.

Gone are the days of spinal vertebrae fusion as a way to treat degenerated discs. The technique is still used in some cases, but now there are more options available. Rather than fusing two vertebrae together in the neck, for example, an artificial disc can be implanted. The problem with using spinal vertebrae fusion in the neck is that it essentially eliminates one point of movement. PCM® and Prestige® artificial disc replacements are designed to provide cushion and allow movement while still connecting the two vertebrae. The result is an effective treatment that preserves your natural range of motion. Today there are many other replacement elements and stabilization devices that can be implemented during orthopedic surgery to prevent your freedom of movement from being impeded.

If you’re suffering from degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or any other ailment of the neck and/or back, you owe it to yourself to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Let the orthopedic specialists at Central Texas Spine Institute address your pain and help restore you to a state of health, mobility, and capability.