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Artificial Discs

If you are experiencing back and/or neck pain, you don't have to suffer. There are many different ways to find relief, and here at Central Texas Spine Institute, we've dedicated our lives to helping people live their best lives ever by finding back and neck pain relief. We've been Central Texas's leader in spine care since 1988, and our world-class surgeon can help. Learn more about artificial discs below, and schedule a consultation today!

Prodisc L

Prodisc L surgery is a spinal procedure that has revolutionized the treatment of common spinal conditions. The procedure is designed to replace the damaged or degenerated discs in the lumbar spine while preserving the natural stability of the spine. By replacing the disc with an artificial disc, the procedure eliminates the need for a fusion, which may carry a higher risk of later long-term outcomes.


Prodisc C Vivo

Prodisc C Vivo is a revolutionary new type of spinal disc replacement surgery that has been developed to help provide relief from chronic neck pain. This advanced procedure is designed to replace a worn-out or damaged disc in the neck with a custom-made, anatomically correct replacement. The artificial disc is made of a titanium alloy that is both lightweight and durable, providing a mobile and comfortable support for the spine.

Benefits of Prodisc L and Prodisc C Vivo

Help maintain balance and motion

Help you to resume daily life

Help maintain range of motion

Help reduce pain

Few complications

Faster recovery time

Decreases risk of future degeneration

Why Central Texas Spine Institute

With something as important as your spine, you only want the best. Our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Randall Dyer, has decades of experience of helping patients find back and neck pain relief through surgeries that fit your specific symptoms. Dr. Dyer is an accomplished surgeon with many accolades, and you can rest assured your spine will be in good hands. Schedule a consultation today!