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Prodisc L

Looking for help with your back pain? Central Texas Spine Institute can help. Learn more about the Prodisc L surgery below, and schedule a consultation today!

What Is Prodisc L?

Prodisc L surgery (also known as lumbar disc replacement) is a great option for those with degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, or age-related disc degeneration. It can also help relieve pain caused by the conditions it treats. It is a procedure that requires a small incision in the abdomen for the surgeon to access the spine. This makes it a much less invasive procedure than traditional spinal fusion surgery.

older man with back pain and a model of the Prodisc L

What the Surgery Entails

The Prodisc L procedure typically takes between 1-2 hours to complete. The artificial disc is inserted during the procedure and the incision is then closed. Recovery time after the surgery is usually very fast, with patients often returning to activities within a few days.

The Nitty-Gritty

The Prodisc L surgery uses a ball and socket implant that is made from metal alloys with a plastic inlay between the metal. It is designed to help hold the vertebra in place. The goal is to allow for motion. That being said, results vary from person to person, which is why a consultation at Central Texas Spine Institute is vital.

Benefits of Prodisc L

The Prodisc L procedure has been proven to be very successful in treating a variety of spinal conditions. Patients who have undergone the procedure have reported improved quality of life with fewer back pains. The implant is designed to provide long-term relief from pain and to preserve the patient's range of motion.

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