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Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery In Austin

At Central Texas Spine Institute, we take pride in the fact that people can depend on us for a solution to any number of spine problems they may be experiencing. People from all over the country travel to our Austin medical facility for expert help from orthopedic doctor Randall F. Dryer. When conservative, traditional methods of spine surgery have failed to deliver satisfactory results, you may require his expertise for spinal reconstruction.

When is reconstructive spine surgery the right choice?

In abnormal cases, the spine may be badly twisted out of alignment. This could be the result of a birth defect, traumatic injury, or severe degenerative disc disease. Whatever the case, a deformed spinal column can cause a whole host of problems that include chronic pain, numbness, restricted range of motion, and abnormal growth.

What happens during the procedure?

Spinal reconstruction can easily be one of the most involved forms of orthopedic surgery. Often spinal fusion and vertebral replacement are both needed to reform and straighten the spine. Other structures such as pins and rods might also be incorporated to ensure proper formation of the spinal column’s new shape. Depending on the patient’s specific needs, it can require a combination of many different methods, techniques, and tools. The orthopedic doctor must have a firm command of the latest technologies to ensure the best possible result.

If more conservative procedures have failed to deliver the relief your spine needs, it may be time to consider reconstructive orthopedic surgery. For such a complicated procedure, you must work with the best spine experts you can find. Contact Central Texas Spine Institute today to learn more about how we can help.