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Cervical Discectomy Spine Surgery In Austin

If you have a vertebral disc in your neck that has become herniated or diseased, you may be experiencing intense pain that radiates from your neck down to your arms. Such pain can make it very difficult for you to carry out even the simplest of daily tasks. Orthopedic surgeon Randall F. Dryer specializes in treating this pain through a procedure known as cervical discectomy.

Vertebral discs act as flexible spacers between the vertebrae throughout the spine, allowing for cushion and movement. However, if the outer wall of a disc ruptures, the pressure that discs normally help to mitigate can cause its inner material to protrude outward. If this protrusion presses against one of the nerve roots present at each vertebrae, it can cause pain locally as well as the areas connected by the nerve root. In the case of a herniated disc in the neck, arm pain is also common.

Cervical discectomy is a form of spine surgery where the damaged disc is removed through a small incision in the front of the neck. To fill the gap left by the removed disc, a bone graft can be placed, allowing the upper and lower vertebrae to fuse together. There are also artificial discs that can be implanted to help preserve the natural motion of your neck.

Cervical discectomy is only one of the solutions available to the orthopedic surgeons at Central Texas Spine Institute. Often, spine surgery can be avoided in favor of less invasive treatments that also require less recovery time. If you’re living with neck pain in or near Austin, request an appointment today, and let our experts determine your easiest road to recovery.