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Bone Growth Stimulators From Your Austin Spine Institute

A bone growth stimulator may be used in some cases where spinal fusion surgery has been performed on a patient. Spinal fusion relies on the process of osteogenesis, or bone tissue growth, to fuse bone fragments into a solid connection between two vertebral bones. Your orthopedic doctor will consider risk factors such as smoking, alcoholism, patient medications, osteoporosis, and vascular disease, to name a few. The presence of these risk factors could lead to the failure of the bone fragments to fuse together. In these cases, our Austin spine institute may determine that a bone growth stimulator is needed to increase the chances of a healthy result.

Bone growth stimulators work by using an electric field to enhance osteogenesis. Depending on the situation, your orthopedic doctor will determine whether this supplemental treatment is needed and if so, whether an internal or external device is the best solution for you. Internal devices are inserted into soft tissue near the fusion site, and require no special attention or care. Typically they are removed in 6 to 12 months, allowing enough time for fusion to take place. External bone growth stimulators consist of a control unit connected to a pad that adheres to the body near the fusion site. They may be prescribed for several hours out of the day, depending on your specific case. Either way, your bone growth stimulator helps to ensure a successful outcome for your spinal fusion procedure.

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