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Bone Growth Stimulators

What are Bone Growth Stimulators?

Bone growth stimulators are an innovative treatment option offered by Central Texas Spine Institute in Austin that can accelerate the healing process for patients with spinal conditions or fractures. These therapeutic devices utilize electrical or ultrasonic stimulation to promote bone healing, improving patient outcomes and reducing the need for invasive surgical procedures. Schedule a free consultation to learn more today.

When Are Bone Growth Stimulators Used?

Bone growth stimulators are commonly used in the treatment of various conditions, including spinal fractures, non-unions (failure of bones to heal), and spinal fusions. They can also aid in addressing conditions such as degenerative disc disease, stress fractures, and failed spinal surgeries. Whether it's a recent injury or a chronic condition, bone growth stimulators offer a non-invasive and effective solution to enhance bone healing, including for spine surgery recovery.


Bone Growth Stimulators From Your Austin Spine Institute

A bone growth stimulator may be used in some cases where spinal fusion surgery has been performed on a patient. Spinal fusion relies on the process of osteogenesis, or bone tissue growth, to fuse bone fragments into a solid connection between two vertebral bones. Your orthopedic doctor will consider risk factors such as smoking, alcoholism, patient medications, osteoporosis, and vascular disease, to name a few. The presence of these risk factors could lead to the failure of the bone fragments to fuse together. In these cases, our Austin spine institute may determine that a bone growth stimulator is needed to increase the chances of a healthy result.

Bone growth stimulators work by using an electric field to enhance osteogenesis. Depending on the situation, your orthopedic doctor will determine whether this supplemental treatment is needed and if so, whether an internal or external device is the best solution for you. Internal devices are inserted into soft tissue near the fusion site, and require no special attention or care. Typically they are removed in 6 to 12 months, allowing enough time for fusion to take place. External bone growth stimulators consist of a control unit connected to a pad that adheres to the body near the fusion site. They may be prescribed for several hours out of the day, depending on your specific case. Either way, your bone growth stimulator helps to ensure a successful outcome for your spinal fusion procedure.

Orthopedic doctor Randall F. Dryer has the education, experience, and resources to determine the best path forward for his spinal fusion patients. Contact the Central Texas Spine Institute today to learn more.

Benefits of Bone Growth Stimulators



Bone growth stimulators offer patients a non-invasive spine treatment option, reducing the need for surgical intervention and its associated risks. This makes this conservative spine treatment a favorable alternative for individuals seeking non-surgical solutions with minimal recovery time.

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Accelerated Healing:

By providing electrical or ultrasound stimulation, bone growth stimulators promote the natural regenerative process of bone healing. This can significantly reduce healing time, allowing patients to resume their daily activities faster.


Avoidance of Complications and Revision Surgeries:

For patients with spinal conditions, the use of bone growth stimulators can help prevent complications such as non-unions or failed fusions, which may require further surgical procedures. By enhancing bone healing, the risk of these complications is minimized.

Examples of Success Stories

Central Texas Spine Institute has witnessed numerous success stories with the implementation of bone growth stimulators. For instance, if a patient suffers a spinal fracture resulting from a car accident, by utilizing a bone growth stimulator, his fracture may heal more rapidly, reducing pain and restoring functionality to his spine. Similarly, a patient with a failed spinal fusion may experience improved bone healing after undergoing treatment with a bone growth stimulator, leading to reduced pain and improved mobility.

Why Choose Central Texas Spine Institute In Austin?

Expertise and Experience:

Central Texas Spine Institute is a renowned spine clinic with a team of experienced spine surgeons, orthopedic specialists, and dedicated medical professionals, including Dr. Randall Dryer, a top-rated spine surgeon . Our expertise in spinal conditions, including the utilization of bone growth stimulators, ensures patients receive the highest level of care and an accurate diagnosis.


Personalized Treatment Plans:

At Central Texas Spine Institute, every patient receives a personalized spine treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. With a focus on individualized care, our institute's medical professionals evaluate each case thoroughly to determine the most effective treatment options, including bone growth stimulators when suitable.

Advanced Technology and Facilities:

Central Texas Spine Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities to deliver the highest standard of care. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of medical advancements ensures patients have access to the latest spine treatment options, including bone growth stimulators.

Compassionate Patient Care:

Our spine specialists prioritize patient comfort and well-being. Our compassionate approach to care ensures that patients receive support throughout their treatment journey, from the initial consultation to post-treatment follow-up.


Bone growth stimulators are an innovative spine treatment option offered at Central Texas Spine Institute, providing a non-invasive and effective solution for patients with spinal conditions or fractures. With accelerated healing, avoidance of complications, and improved patient outcomes, bone growth stimulators have garnered numerous success stories. By choosing Central Texas Spine Institute, patients benefit from expert care, personalized treatment plans, advanced technology, and compassionate patient support. Call today.