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Austin’s Masters of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The spine specialists at the Central Texas Spine Institute are committed to not only addressing the pain symptoms experienced by our patients; we want their return to normal life to be fast and easy as well. That’s why orthopedic surgeon Dr. Randall Dryer makes every effort to ensure minimal tissue trauma and optimal recovery times for each one of them. To that end, we are committed to using trusted tools and researching promising new methods of minimally invasive spine surgery.

The method of percutaneous endoscopic spinal surgery requires incisions of no more than 15 millimeters, making it much easier for your body to heal after the treatment has been performed. Through the incision, and with the use of modern imaging techniques, the orthopedic surgeon carefully guides specially designed tools to the area in need of treatment. These tools pass through safe corridors in the vertebrae known as Kambin’s triangle, where there is an absence of nerves, blood vessels, and other vulnerable body infrastructure. The necessary treatment, such as a discectomy, can be carried out by manipulating the tools once they are in place. Once surgery is completed, the patient benefits from faster healing times and lower risk of infection, in addition to having their spinal condition corrected.

If you think minimally invasive spine surgery might be the answer to your problem, contact the spine specialists at Central Texas Spine Institute of Austin today. Dr. Dryer will evaluate your situation and determine the best way to address your neck and back issues.