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KyphoplastyVertebral body compression fracture (VCF) is the most common fracture caused by osteoporosis. Each year in the U.S. more than 700,000 VCFs occur. Conventional treatment has consisted mainly of bed rest, pain medications and back braces. However, patients treated conventionally may be at risk of suffering from the long term effects, including spinal deformity, functional impairment, decreased quality of life, or loss of pulmonary function. Kyphoplasty involves the use of a new minimally invasive surgical device to repair the fracture – the KyphX® Xpander” Inflatable Bone Tamp.

Kyphoplasty is a surgical procedure performed by a spine-trained physician. The surgeon carefully and gently inflates an orthopedic balloon inside the fractured vertebral body, elevating the endplates and creating a cavity inside. The balloon is removed, and the bone is fixed at its repaired height by filling the cavity with the surgeon’s choice of biomaterial, creating an “internal cast” that stabilizes the fracture and facilitates immediate mobility.
The average procedure time is one hour, per treated fracture.
The patient can return to normal routine, with the exception of no heavy lifting for 6 weeks.
No bracing is required.
More than 90 percent of patients having this procedure report immediate pain reduction.

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Dr. Dryer specializes in treatment of degenerative conditions of the spine. Dr. Dryer utilizes the very latest minimally invasive surgical techniques to minimize recovery times and allow you to get back to enjoying life as quickly as possible.